Manager & Supervisor Training

Over and over again, managers are promoted to a leadership role and are let loose to "go manage." The problem is, they lack the foundational skills necessary to effectively get results through others. At some point they were great individual performers, but that doesn't mean they can lead a team.

As a result, managers often struggle -- making mistakes that can kill productivity, profitability and crush employee engagement. And in some cases, they crash and burn so badly that they quit and leave -- or even worse, they quit and still come to work.

That's why we created Getting Results Through Others. This powerful set of 10 workshops delivered in person by a professional coach, gives leaders a solid foundation of the essential skills they'll need to be effective at leading people. This program is effective for all levels of leadership.

This process is designed for adult professionals:

Professionals respond better in face-to-face facilitator lead training. To avoid ‘information overload’ we deliver ten 90 minute workshops spaced over time in pre-scheduled intervals. Research clearly shows that adult learners tune out when subjected to long, content-heavy training events. What do learners want? Bite-sized chunks. Learners engage in training and activate concepts in the workplace it if it's delivered in short segments that focus on ONE skill per session.

“ I now have a better relationship with my employees, delegate tasks effortlessly, and manage my attitude and time efficiently. Janice, Fidelity Title

Each Workshop Includes

  • A professionally facilitated 90 minute face-to-face interactive group training workshop at your place or ours, with a specific focus on 1 key leadership skill.
  • Every participant receives their own workbook containing all 10 lessons.
  • A "plan of action" guide that transitions from training theory into experiential activation in the workplace.
  • An audio CD to replay the lesson incorporating the concept of spaced repetition learning.
  • Specific Focus. The process will deliver a single skill "aha" moment that will change behavior. It could be something your people have never heard or it could also be something they know but don’t always practice.
  • An external accountability partner to insure activation and execution of key initiatives. Training is useless unless implemented in the workplace.