Leading With Passion & Perseverance

Leading with Passion & Perseverance

Improve Team Results Through Effective Leadership

Unfortunately, we often assume that someone who is good at a task will be good at managing people who do that task. Most people have seen it before. A top performer is promoted, only to find out he or she does not have the skills to effectively lead their team. Not to worry, though, as the San Antonio Business Leadership Academy can help! Our Leading with Passion & Perseverance program will guide your leaders through the key skills and habits necessary to lead a team.

Often, the most dramatic improvement to an organization comes through developing its leaders. Leading with Passion & Perseverance is ideal for leaders who want to bring out the best in people in order to improve team performance and results. Participants will develop and adapt the eight characteristics proven to attain success and an action plan for continuous application.

Professional Improvement Designed For Adults

Professionals respond better in face-to-face facilitator lead training. To avoid ‘information overload’ we deliver ten 90 minute workshops spaced over time in pre-scheduled intervals. Research clearly shows that adult learners tune out when subjected to long, content-heavy training events. What do learners want? Bite-sized chunks. Learners engage in training and activate concepts in the workplace it if it's delivered in short segments that focus on ONE skill per session.