Hiring Assessments

Workforce assessments bring insight and precision to every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Higher retention. Stronger performance. Happier employees. For HR teams and business leaders, talent management presents a host of challenges. Workforce Assessments help you select the best employees and ensure they perform at the highest level.

We’ll help you build a workforce that exceeds expectations.

Every Stage of Employment from pre-hiring to succession planning and beyond, bring out your talent’s potential at all stages of the employment lifecycle. Workforce assessments improve job fit, employee engagement, and retention across your workforce

Workforce Assessments increase hiring success and enable more effective investments in employee development and engagement. With our suite of assessments, based on over 40 years of research and development, you can make a difference at every level of your organization.

TalassureMX Measure cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and professional interests among upper-level professional talent. TalassureMX helps you improve job fit across your organization, which ultimately increases productivity and retention.

TalassureM The first ever job match assessment for your mid-level workforce, TalassureM measures behavioral characteristics and reasoning ability to help you place the right people in the right positions

TalassureQ Now you can identify the most promising entry-level hires. TalassureQ measures personality, reasoning, and character. You’ll know right away whether a candidate can do – and will do – a specific job.