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Are you just communicating or are you really connecting? Communication is simply the exchange of information (words, text, email, fax pager, social media) and there are more ways to communicate (distribute information) today than ever before, but are we really “connecting” with people?

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We are so excited to share this story with you. This is a success story from a current client.

We define effective communication (or “connecting”) as: Being Understood and Understanding Others. There is no more powerful leadership development tool than learning how to connect with your staff. Effective communication is about CONNECTING with others.

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Leadership Development in San Antonio

I founded the San Antonio Business Leadership Academy nearly 8 years ago. It was the best professional decision I’ve ever made, hands down. Having 13 years experience developing leaders in Corporate America permits me a unique perspective that many consultants haven’t seen. In this post I will share a phenomenon I see every day.

As executive leaders, your time is short. Frankly, you have too much to do. I know and I get it. But this post isn’t about you. This post is about your “A Player”.

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Leadership Development in San Antonio

Emotional maturity is the single most important factor in determining professional or staff member performance. Emotional maturity is also the most important factor in determining the success of a functioning team. Unfortunately, most professionals lack the desire or knowledge necessary to help team members develop their emotional maturity.

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Leadership Development in San Antonio

de-sire a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment. ( "If it is to be, it is up to me!” was the battle cry of one my my recent clients. The reality is, there is only one person that is responsible for your success in life—YOU! Family, friends, pastors and colleagues can influence you and provide support, but the ultimate responsibility is with you.

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