Protecting Your Professional Time

Protecting Your Professional Time - Time Management

Most business professionals have never equipped themselves with the tools of the trade required to make the most of their most valuable asset: Professional time.

Instead, professionals learn by trial and error, and are often never really aware of the value of the hours they spend at work. That lack of awareness wastes countless hours every day.

Protecting Professional Time includes four short learning segments (8-10 minutes or less). Content for each segment is communicated via audio and text files that are located in your private online portal. During the week, you apply the ideas and strategies presented in each segment.

During the weekly segment, you’ll have an opportunity to quantify your time savings. You will share success stories and new ideas for increased productivity.

Our program helps you create maximum benefit from the hours you spend at work. Protecting Professional Time is an exceptional investment for you and your enterprise.

We’ll Help You Create Additional High-Value Time!

Protecting Time® is the preeminent resource for staff and executive productivity enhancement. Our programs are the result of decades of experience in training and executive development. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of high-value professionals create additional time.

Here’s how Protecting Professional Time will work for you:

Segment One: Improving Time Habits makes the point that increased productivity doesn’t necessarily involve more work. Segment One helps you identify the high-payoff activities that produce the greatest daily impact for the enterprise. You’ll also learn the four “Cardinal Rules” of time management and how to apply them.

Segment Two: Defeating Time Thieves puts you on the road to increased productivity. You’ll learn about the four biggest threats to professional time and develop strategies to overcome each one.

Segment Three: Making Time Work for You focuses on the development of the incredibly valuable Top Ten List and Time Picture … organizational tools designed to identify key objectives and find the time to achieve them.

Segment Four: Making Your Team More Productive helps you apply the critical concept of emotional maturity to your team’s unique dynamic. As a result of Segment Four, you begin to help your team members grow personally and professionally.

The result is a higher level of performance for everyone involved.

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  • Self Study Option– $199.99 Includes all 4 segments and materials delivered to your email inbox. With this option you can work at your own pace.
  • VIP COACH– $599.99 Includes 4 private 1-to-1 coaching and accountability calls. Your coach works only with you and will coach you on your specific challenges and hold you accountable to take action. Get your greatest results with this choice.
  • Large Team or Group Facilitation– Please call (210)240-2575 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for rates.