Leadership Development: Communication and Connecting with Your Team. San Antonio, Tx

Leadership Communication Training and Development

Are you just communicating or are you really connecting? Communication is simply the exchange of information (words, text, email, fax pager, social media) and there are more ways to communicate (distribute information) today than ever before, but are we really “connecting” with people?

We define effective communication (or “connecting”) as: Being Understood and Understanding Others. There is no more powerful leadership development tool than learning how to connect with your staff. Effective communication is about CONNECTING with others.

3 Tips For Connecting With People:

1. Words: Today, email has become the most popular form of communication. The 500 most commonly used words have over 15,000 meanings. Be selective with the words you select when delivering a message. The words we use only contribute to 8% of really connecting with your staff. Be choosy with your words. Words have different meanings and connotations. People interpret words differently. Simply Stated: You are not ‘connecting’ with your staff via email!

2. Vocal Tone & Voice Inflection: 36% of connection with a person comes from “how you say what you say”. Delivering a message with excitement and passion will exponentially increase the connection and commitment of your staff. Your vocal tone can enhance or deter your message. More often the tone of your voice sends more of a message than the words you speak. Tact is something that is achieved through tone and inflection!

3. Body Language & Facial Expressions: This is the magic link to really connecting with people. 55% of connection with a person comes from how you look (physically) when delivering your message. These are the signals that we send with our posture, body, spacing, stance, and facial expressions. This sends much more of a message than words or voice.