When I grow up I want to be like my Dad

My Dad is my real life hero. He is a genuine role model and an exemplary citizen. I’ve never seen my dad take a drink of alcohol or smoke a cigarette. Do you want to know why? When he was a high school football coach he made a decision ….if he was going to ask his athletes not to drink or smoke then he wasn’t going to either …. and 30 years post coaching, he still doesn’t. He leads by example.

My Dad is my real life hero. My Dad was a successful athlete. He competed collegiately in both football and golf. I wasn’t a great athlete. I struggled just to make the team. I was the slowest, smallest and weakest player on every team I played on. My Mom and Dad traveled to each game my teams played to show their support. Mind you, I didn’t play in most of those games. He supports and encourages continued success.

My Dad is my real life hero. My mother died a tragic death. She had a disease similar to Parkinson’s and passed at the age of 62. My Dad cared for his wife of 40 years, during her sickness, in a more beautiful fashion than any Hollywood story has ever been written. He makes lemonade out of life’s lemons.

My Dad is my real life hero. He started a program called “The Heart of a Champion” with a focus on mentoring un-employed and life-challenged adults. Often times the participants are homeless come from abusive relationships or have a criminal background. The goal of his the program is to help 1 million individuals throughout the United States live a more successful life. He is a Mentor- Make the World a Better Place.

My Dad is my real life hero. I’ve never been the best athlete, student, businessman, Christian, husband or father, but my dad has always supported me. The word “proud” is commonly used in our family. He doesn’t mince his words, “I am proud of you” commonly communicated to me. I genuinely know my Dad is proud of me and loves me. Is there anything more important in life? He’s Proud of Me.

When I grow up, I want to be like my Dad.

5 Keys to a Successful Life— as seen from a son’s eyes:

  • Lead by Example
  • Support and Encourage Success
  • Make Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons
  • Make the World a Better Place- Mentor Others
  • Love Intensely

(Since originally publishing this post, some unbelievable and amazing things have happened in my life. When I look at the role my Dad has taken in my life since this original publication, I realize that there are so many more character traits I admire in Dad.)

My Dad is my real life hero. My Dad made sure that we sat in the front row of church as far back in time as I can remember. I guess he was hoping that sitting close might let the message sink in better! What I now realize is that my Dad is the greatest living example of a human that understands and extends GRACE. Grace is undeserved love, and my old man can dish it. He’s lives with Grace.

My Dad is my real life hero. One of his favorite sayings is “Plan and work for the best, be prepared for the worst and if you fall somewhere in between, you’ll be just fine.” I’ve seen him live this example so many times that I just thought it was a common characteristic in life, It’s not. Over the last couple years I realize how important this concept is. He lives with Purpose and Determination.

May Dad is my real life hero. My dad has thought me that nothing on Earth is ever more important than family. Ever. Family first, not in words but action. He is my Dad.